Gaxs Watches is a Swedish independent watch brand founded in 2012 with a desire to design timeless watches with high quality to a decent price that put that extra style into your everyday look. We want to give you the opportunity to wear more than one watch during all different situations and happenings during a day. With our minds set on this goal, we started the journey towards finding a manufacturer who could meet our needs in both quality and design. After locating a partner the design process could finally begin, we spent months working with details and fabrics and shipped watches back and forth across the globe. In the end of 2012 we released our first collection. We are constantly working to develop our brand and released our Second Collection in June 2015 and Third Collection one year later, in June 2016. New collections from Gaxs Watches will be release in the future.
All our watches are designed by our team in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Clean angular design combined with different materials like stainless steel, genuine leather and canvas. That's what defines the Gaxs Watches DNA. 
Read more about our design process here.


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